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7 of 9 butt

One way the writers behind every Star Trek series asked their characters to confront this question was by including a non-human character in the main cast.

7 Of 9 Butt

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Now there were some good characters as well--the best of which, by far, was Robert Picardo as the snippy holo-doctor.

Was this review helpful? Most of the reason was was VOYAGER spent episode after episode in totally alien space and yet in the new Star Trek tradition, they almost never had to fight--always pulling some last minute way to avoid hostilities out of Captain Janeway's butt! Overall, the series is a decent incarnation of the Prince albert piercing forum Trek tradition--not great, but very satisfying for fans of the series.

Clear your history. Unlike most of the crew, he had personality and life--a sad thing since he was supposed to be inanimate!

As for Forced bi humiliation stories Captain, aside from finding stupid ways out of every dilemma, I actually liked Kate Mulgrew--she could be tough and was a dependable character. While I have always enjoyed all the shows I must be intellectually honest and say some series were better than others.

Seven’s journey was essential to captain janeway’s

In. However, I am not such a die-hard Star Trek fan that I love everything they ever did or score everything Trek with a 10 also known as "Trek zombies". Star Trek: Voyager — I guess I am a geek, as I have seen every episode of every Star Trek series as well as all the movies.

Also, while at Embarrassing skinny dipping stories I thought 7 of 9 was just there for her tight-fitting clothes, she was indeed very interesting and seeing her evolve as a character was excellent.

However, I doubt that this series alone would create many "trekkies" or "trekkers" as some geeks prefer to be known. Additionally, a lot of the characters weren't all that interesting--at least not to me.