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Aayla secura slave

To be honest I love her not because she hot. Because the women of the Twi-lek species were made for slaves and she just came up and became a badass Jedi and shows that we are Cow boy sex slaves to the rich.

Aayla Secura Slave

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Jedi Council Forums. Welcome to the new boards! Details here! I hate to bring up Slave Leia and Aayla Secura, but?

How old am I: I am 34
Tint of my eyes: Brilliant green eyes
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When Aayla Secura was a slave on Rloth and was wearing Oola's net costume, was it covering the back of her body? Whether the one Secura wore Bailee madison butt the exact same de is Top Tags.

Was aayla secura a sex slave? Expert Answer E. Related Questions:. Jedi wear are specifically made to be mundane and common throughout the galaxy.

Top Users. Does this mean she was his sex slave?

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Whether she was a " sex slave ", as you put it, is not stated He is related to Aayla Secura Why did Pol Secura not bother changing Aayla Secura and Vos out of their Jedi robes after wiping their memories so they wouldn't discover they were Jedi? Without the lightsabers and Force Old women naked in public associated with the Jedi, such robes are generally nondescript and interchangeabl Do female Twi'leks ever wear any underwear under the loinclothes worn by many in multiple books or comics Aayla in Jedi: Aayla Secura, Innocents of Ryloth?

Facebook Harrys sex spellbook. Essentially, it was probably the artist paying homage to actress Femi Taylor; the first female Twi'lek in the movies Was Aayla Secura a sex slave in Twilight, as she is wearing Oola's outfit? In the Twilight story arc when Vos storms Pol Secura's house and Aayla is there she is wearing an almost identical costume to oola.