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Female dwarf token

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Female Dwarf Token

Online: 15 days ago


Dwarves are very similar to Humans but shorter. Many males wear long beards and live in mines, although some of them are known to live outside the mountains and even on islands.

Years old: 22
Eyes colour: Lustrous blue eyes
My body features: My body features is strong
I like to listen: Rap

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I use top down tokens for adversaries, portrait tokens for PCs and their familiars.

Reply Share. Searching "female" or "woman" came up with little to no tokens without buying a pack.

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There's gobs of men, but no Zorbas scottsdale stories. Try finding a female dwarf without a beard I found a cool image to use instead, but I'm frustrated that there aren't many options within roll20 itself.

Found the internet! I wasn't really wanting to purchase a pack but if Xenomorph human romance helps when I have female characters I may need too. More posts from the Roll20 community.

Am I just looking in the wrong spot, or is this really not available?? Sort by: best. All civil discussion about Roll20 is invited.

Depends on your keywords. They are available in the marketplace. Posted by 5 years ago.

Continue this thread. Created Apr Cuckold stories and pictures, Top posts october 2nd Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top. I always ask my players to provide an avatar portrait for their character, and then I use that and TokenTool to make their token.

You could try Devin Night's token packs. Trying to find tokens for female players.

I'll check it out. Try heroforge2 for some nice customisation.

I have a female dwarf and I can't seem to find much of anything to use as a token within the game without paying or ing it myself. He has a lot of top down tokens for all races and genders. I have three female players - only two are playing female characters, which are both half elf, which immediately came up with female tokens, I was turned into a girl many and not particularly good.