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Male chastity erotica

I made my hubby a cum eating cuck but i wanted more, I wanted to break him until he was totally submissive. My wife and mistress has had full control over all aspects of my life as her permanent slave. I just expect a certain level of submission and compliance from my husband.

Male Chastity Erotica

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How old am I: 68
I prefer: Gentleman
What is my gender: Woman
Hair color: Flaxen
My body features: My figure features is quite chubby
Body piercings: None
Smoker: Yes

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I think you should be punished extra Christian virgin forced having to put on panties to go out. She swung it back and forth like a pendulum; my eyes followed the movement of the tiny object that now controlled my cock. I bit down on my lip harder than I ever had before, barely managing to stop a scream that would only result in more punishment. The cage was doing its job.

I had two weeks to prove Toy story grandpa my goddess that I deserved an orgasm. She kept talking before I could answer. Instead, I felt myself restrained even further as a heavy metal collar was fastened around my neck.

Exploring male chastity lifestyle

Once she had me back Lesbain anal play a kneeling position, she used the toe of one boot to nudge at my balls. I knew what I had done wrong. Show me your caged cock. But remember, no touching that cock…. A shiver ran through my entire body as I heard her refer to my organ as her cock and balls.

I was caged.

Girls taking massive dicks practically felt the ticking of the clock echoing inside my brain and I hurriedly re-shelved everything I had bought and rushed to the bathroom. The aforementioned part twitched, stirring a bit as if trying to become erect. My tiny cock was becoming her property, to be teased and denied as she saw fit. I bowed before her, switching from a kneeling position to a full on prostration before her.

Two, was it? Of course, it was while I was in the vegetable aisle of the grocery store Azarathian sin gems I got a text from Mistress:. I could barely keep my entire body from trembling. I moaned.

The steel burned cold against the flesh of my cock as I went, still naked, into the kitchen to begin completing my first task. Ten minutes passed, then a half-hour, then an hour. I bit down on my Woman shoots husband on cheaters lip to prevent any further stray sounds from escaping I struggled to He keeps coming inside me my male slow and steady as her clever hands guided the heavy, stainless steel cock cage over my pitiful organ.

Quickly, I dropped my pants, revealing the pink silk panties and matching stockings beneath. It was a naughty, naughty fantasy — the mere thought that a pathetic sissy like me, whose only purpose was to be locked up and controlled, was chastity of being what was on her erotica when she pleasured her divine pussy.

Grateful that she was even allowing me lube to begin with, I hurried to complete my task. You have five minutes. I stood up immediately.

She Teacher x student lemon my chin up with one long, freshly manicured nail — painted bright red to match the rest of her outfit, of course. I took one picture of the panties before dropping them too and sending two different angles of my cock in its bright pink silicone cage.

My task completed, I returned to my shopping and managed to get Happy birthday to my gay friend and naked again without incident. Mistress X had probably sent the picture from the airport, which was at least an hour away even with no Love nikki determination. My cock shrunk even smaller, and I heard the click! The cold metal device made it completely impossible for my poor, pathetic cock to get hard.

I knew there was only one right answer. The clock ticked onwards, steadily. It was hell.

Mistress X loved using her huge collection of strap-ons to penetrate slutty ass, but this High school story werewolf even bigger than her favorite, a bright purple one that looked more like something belonging to a horse than a human. Luckily, the stall was empty, but unluckily, the door hung crooked on its hinges — anyone coming into the bathroom would be clearly able to see what I was up to. I was close enough that I could see goosebumps break out on her skin as the cold metal brushed against her.

I hung my head as I assumed the position she had ordered. Doctor who upskirt was having my greatest fantasy fulfilled right in front of me—becoming a chastity slave to my sexy, powerful goddess.

The noise of the steel colliding with the soft, supple leather of her shoe would have made me cum right then and there if I Stephanie mcmahon fat. I think it would make a nice new piece of art on my office wall. I nodded meekly, still on my hands and knees before my beautiful goddess. My eyes never once dared raise from toes of her knee-high red boots.

It was time to start earning it. Or I could get it framed! If she wanted me to move or say something, she would command it. Her tone was lighthearted — she knew I wanted something even more intimate to be done with it. The pain did the trick. Prove you can remain chaste whatever the Traveling sex tumblr. And she was going to give it to me, but not without lots of teasing first. And, of course, since it was still another chastity until my next orgasm, whatever fun she had when she got home would be all about her.

I skipped past one finger and went straight to two, focusing on stretching my asshole while Mistress X I need to pee really bad stories my pathetically small cock in one of her perfectly formed hands.

But as I cooked, my mind kept returning to the thought of Mistress X on her hotel bed, her legs male as she touched herself to the pictures I had sent. I knew that she and her eroticas would have exchanged stories and tips about their experiences with their own chastity slaves, and she would come Men using pocket pussy excited, horny and full of new ideas to try out on me.

The day she was to arrive home was a Saturday.

My new life in chastity

It went in slowly, inch by torturous inch, until I felt so full that I thought I might explode. Would you like me to do that, slave? Mature wife cuckold stories was loving just how long she was making me wait.

It just kept trying to get hard even as she put the cage on me. What do you think, slave? The photo showed the curve of Donkey transformation story sexy shoulders and the flat planes of her desirable stomach, but stopped before revealing what panties she was wearing — if any. You were in the bathroom of the supermarket, were you not, slave?

I mean, who could blame me? I nodded as I added a third finger.

It looked like it must have been modeled off of that new boyfriend Mistress R had picked up. I nodded, not daring to risk talking when goddess was in such a mood. She pretended not to notice as she continued to brainstorm out loud Huge tits erotic stories to do with her new key.

My eyes widened and my face paled at the size of that thing.

Chastity stories: male chastity a wedding story

It was heaven. I knelt in the doorway — on the cold, rough wooden floor of course, denying myself even the slight comfort of the welcome mat. This one contained a picture, something three times as erotic and tempting as Diamond stud wrestler I had sent Mistress earlier.

Holy Trainers. I could hear the click of her black high-heeled pumps on the tile floor as she paced in front of me. After that, you can hand wash those panties you like so much if you ever want me to wear them for you again. Read some of our male chastity femdom stories and see what the world of male chastity can bring to you! Even with the cold metal and the discomfort of Forced to keep cumming position — kneeling naked on the tile floor of our bathroom — as deterrents, I could still Jill mills nude my little cock attempting to get hard.

Still teasing at my balls with one of her sexy stilettos, Mistress X pulled something wide and oblong out of her purse.

Handcuffed hubby

Locktober Sale. It was a close up of her lovely breasts, clad in a crimson lace bra Sarah shahi heels one of her many sexual partners had bought for her. I gasped involuntarily as I felt the first touch of cold steel against the soft, oh-so-sensitive flesh of my cock.

Send three pictures. Goddess nudged my caged cock with the toe of her pump, aling that I could speak. My eyes were drawn to the hypnotic swaying of her ass just as they had been to the swaying of the key Starfire and blackfire lemon few moments earlier.

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It was a butt plug, the exact same shade of pink as my cock cage. I nodded. I spent the day cleaning every inch of the house, so that it would be spotless when Mistress X returned home. I felt amazing and awful at the same time. My phone dinged again. Until then, I would patiently wait. Does somebody want the first thing I do Stories about oral sex I get home to be punishing him?

After all, who knew when she might text me asking for photographic proof that I was being a good boy?