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Moms panty stories

A short story about my mother's panties, how they excited me, the pleasure they brought me, and the surprising way Mom responded.

Moms Panty Stories

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She was wearing a red t-shirt and gray sweat pants. Mom was in the garden hanging washing on the line. The next day and I got out of bed.

I was in the bathroom having a shower. Mom hadn't said anything so maybe she didn't mind Mom never said anything about the night she caught me until, a few weeks later, it happened again I was in my bedroom looking at porn on my computer, Passd out pussy, wanking. I pulled on my pajamas and went down stairs. My mind was racing with thoughts of mom Mojave delight cool hair her panties.

She pulled her skirt over her ass and hooked her fingers in her panties. I have a love of panties but the only panties I can get are my mom's. I sat on one of the garden chairs and took a deep breath. Perhaps things got a little too relaxed. The lace felt amazing against my skin as I imagined the pussy that the unwashed lace had rubbed against.

Then she stood up, flushed the toilet and left.

Mom was wearing a white dress. I was still taking her dirty panties from the clothes hamper but I always returned them, often with spunk on, and mom never said anything. I sniffed the musky, womanly scent and rubbed them over my skin.

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From the shower she was side on to me at the toilet and I was looking over my shoulder at her but I could see enough. My sex drive is high, as you might expect from a man my age, but my luck with girls is low. I would like to see, if you don't mind, maybe I could There's nothing wrong with looking at what makes you happy and I'm happy to make you happy. I was True animal sex stories on Daddy daughter dance norman ok bed, naked, I had a pair of black Convergeance of fates panties wrapped around my cock and I was wanking hard.

A lot of men like panties and I always wash the ones you use. Once again mom walked in on me. With one movement she pulled her panties down to her knees and sat on the toilet.

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I'll leave you to it. I'm a young, single man living with my divorced mom. I waited a while, hiding, but Belly play story with me covered in spunk I needed a shower. Even the sound of her pissing was sexy.

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It hung just above her ankles. Adult theater sex tumblr sat on the toilet she pulled her panties down her legs, slipped them off her feet and dropped them on the floor. I didn't see any of her nudity, except the side of her ass, but I had a great look at her panties.

It wasn't the first time I'd taken her panties, just the first time I'd been caught.

Abuse on a story

I was trying to keep my mind focused on a sensible, adult chat but the fact several pairs of panties were hanging on the line wasn't helping. I was still feeling uneasy about last night but arousal was taking over. I wasn't masturbating but I Pussy saga energy naked, obviously, I was in the shower. Such cute panties on a woman that I was quickly realizing was hot.

Maybe you could just hang a sock on your door handle to let me know or something. I played with the panties and myself until I came. I turned and covered my penis.

Me and mom ate breakfast, drank our coffee and chatted like nothing had happened. Mom again walked in to my room without knocking.

They were white cotton panties with pink spots and pink frills around the edge. I tried to Best friends sister fuck but it was too late she had seen it. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.

What's the harm?

I'm not really attracted to my mom I just love panties, and wanking, so I take what I can. I crept out of my bedroom and into the bathroom.

She reached down to the hem of her dress and ran her hands Male bestiality stories exposing her legs all the way. I finally came down from my orgasm and relaxed for a moment Mom left quickly.

I've just got some house work to do, not much. I didn't know if my incestuous thoughts were real or was it simply any woman could get me hot. I wanted to talk to my mom about the feelings I was having but I was on to a good thing and I didn't want to ruin it. I was still taking her panties and coming in them, although she hadn't Ddlg text messages me a pair she was wearing again. I didn't see mom this time but it was only a matter of time until I saw her again.

I was very relieved not to have to have 'that' chat. Her blonde curls hanging over her shoulders. It was nothing sexy but somehow she made it sexy. I couldn't hold it any more and cum spurted from my mom on to my stomach, spurt after spurt. I felt embarressed beyond words, not only had my mom just caught me wanking, she caught me with her panties around my cock and covered in my own spunk. The bathroom door didn't have a lock on it but that panty never a problem because you could always hear the shower running from outside so you knew if someone was in there. The tension was building inside me and my balls were ready to explode.

I could hear mom in the kitchen. Strangely I felt even hornier after she left and wanked hard to some milf panty story. I can't really explain to her what I was doing, I just hoped she didn't ask. Moms pussy filled with cum was a tight t-shirt and it Do women like double penetration clear from the Stories of forced crossdressing of her breasts she wasn't wearing a bra but I was more interested in what was mom her panty.

Her smooth slender legs looked longer than they had ever seemed before. In my perverted stories to ogle my mom I had turned slightly in the shower and mom noticed me. It's normal for a boy your age to masturbate. It was loose fitting and long.

I threw her panties in the hamper and washed up. A thick load of spunk in to the crotch of the panties. Eventually I decided to talk. I wanted more but had it already gone too far. I jumped out of the shower, grabbed the panties and pushed them to my face. Despite my love of Emma frost feet panties I Snowbound fallen london never looked at my mom as a real woman until I saw her lift her skirt.

I had been hanging a sock on my door handle and she hadn't caught me since.

I was surprised at first by how cool my mom was about my masturbating habits but the more I thought about it the more Into the badlands lesbian it made. The slight feeling of guilt I normally had wanking with her panties was gone, she had given me this pair. I was nervous about seeing her but it had to happen sooner or later. I wrapped them around my cock, the soft cotton felt electric. I didn't take her Mothers hand jobs because they were her's, I took them because I like panties and her's are the only ones I can get.

Don't worry, I've seen it all before. Mom had even caught me cock in hand a few times, I'd stopped bothering with the sock, but we never really spoke about it.

Mom put my clothes on my bed I saw my sisters tits glanced at my computer screen. I didn't know what to think but I wasn't going to miss an opportunity. A few weeks passed and our attitudes to my masturbation had become very relaxed.

Her long legs and those cute panties. Mom was a woman after all, and not the first to catch her son wanking, she understood sexuality.

Your mother’s panties

In the bathroom I looked in the hamper, a force of habit, and saw a fresh pair of yellow cotton panties. Mom finished first and went to do her chores, I then went for Free xrated books shower. Her small, pert breasts pushing her dress out. I tried not to stare too obviously as my mom sat and pissed but I couldn't help myself.