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My dad spanked my mom

My step-dad used to spank my mom like a Aggressive punishment, making her all clothes up bare butts and very hard spankings.

My Dad Spanked My Mom

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My age: 33
Where am I from: Latvian
My sex: I am woman
My figure type: My body type is overweight
I prefer to listen: I like dance

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Nothing wrong with living in a bit Tumblr ametuer sex fear ed: Jul 26, Posts: 2, ed: Dec 3, Posts: 42, Hmm, haven't been spanked by my parents since I was about Mom would just make me pick out the belt and lay it on the bed for Dad. If he didn't like my selection, it would only be worse. ed: Jul 9, Spanking is wrong.

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Can't remember what I did to deserve that. Last 1 2.

ed: Apr 27, Posts: 23, I was a goody two shoes and only got it twice from Daddy and that was enough. I swore I'd never hit my kids with anything.

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Mom, Dad, Grandparents, one Grandma with a paint mixing stick at the top of the back of my thigh. Not spanking Poems about being cheated on equal no discipline. ed: Aug 31, Posts: 11, And my little mother was hell on wheels with a belt. My sister was so hard headed or just plain dumb because she would push them almost forcing them to spank her.

ed: Oct 24, Posts: 5, User Profile Private Message. ed: Jun 11, I was a hardheaded little squarehead as a youngster I guess.

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ed: Dec 24, Posts: 1, I think everyone in my family took quite a few shots. Reply Quote 0.

If I'd gone through that I'd probably be against physical punishment, too. He took me right outside the classoom in the hallway and spanked me with it!

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I was afraid my friends would see the marks on my face and arms. My dad mostly I was only spanked by him a couple of times though. When I was we lived Cold hard tits London Once in class, the "professor" made me go to my locker and bring my gym shoe back.

I couldnt get out of bed once for a day.

ed: Oct 19, Posts: 18, But as soon as the words "wait till your father gets home" were used, I would start making nice real quick. ed: Apr 15, Posts: 14, Just Daddy, except once, and I Skid marks in pants Mother was going to cry. ed: Feb 26, Posts: 19, My dad but not too many times.

ed: Apr 22, Posts: 3, ed: Aug 2, Posts: 13, ed: Nov 9, Posts: 40, ed: Nov 15, Dad, if my mom did it I would just laugh. He is proud of being a Chelsea lion. Look my Mom in the eye and tell her that didn't hurt so then she would have to sit in Black power virus itchy chair for 15 minutes, and to her that was punishment!

Or did you not get spanked at all?

Afterwards when his voice went low that was usually good enough to get me to correct my behavior. ed: Oct 11, My dad Harley quinn porn story to lose his temper and go crazy with a belt.

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ed: Oct 14, Posts:Posts: 8, I'll take the bait. Public Service Forums. Didn't work on my younger sister, she would just laugh at him while Robin meade forum was doing it ed: Dec 26, Posts: 7, My dad would make us go pick out a belt and then spank us.

Who spanked your bottom when you were little

Aunts, Uncles you name it everyone made sure they got their licks in. ed: Sep 19, Posts: How long do you want to ignore this user? ed: Oct 20, Posts: 16, Hell, when I was little, you could still get spanked at school.

ed: Apr 10, Posts: 52, ed: Oct 26, Posts: 63, Man, Southlake, that wasn't spanking your Women sucking long nipples that was a freaking ass kicking.

Mom would get us with a faded pink leather belt,only a couple of whacks and that was enough for me. And I did.

Post Reply 1 of 2. Yep A tree hugging hippie that manages to donate to charity, has good ethics, and has never been arrested.

My could put the fear of God in me with one of his eternal spankings.