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Rape fantacy stories

Real rape is wrong.

Rape Fantacy Stories

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Share your original rape fantasy stories. Use Tags to find what interests you! Started by Red Right Hand. Started by HistBuff.

Age: 70
What is my nationaly: I'm from Zambia
My sexual preference: Gentleman
Piercing: I don't have piercings
Smoker: No

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The big one who looked like a wrestler with wide shoulders and a muscular body was there in my face again, I could smell him, hear his harsh breathing, sense him Mile high club seattle half-closed eyes.

Sample story

I had asked him for it. He was big. I was held up, my legs completely going limp, my body becoming limp with the shock. I was flung to the ground, dazed, reeling from the blow — my face was numb from the sudden force applied to my cold cheek. Shivering, holding onto him Sex stories for girls more tears.

My mind already traversed the realms Stories of gay rape lay ahead. I felt his warm flesh against mine and his fingers fumbling down between us. On the couch with him, wrapped in a blanket him holding me. The ground contained several bottles, mostly empty, some broken.

It would never go away, never. Fear strikes deep into my soul.

I tucked my coat around myself, trying to hide myself, quickening my steps. He Naked baby sitters, dropped the bottle he had and slapped my face with the back of his hand. Oh god! Then he entered me. Taking a deep breath, not breaking my stride, I ignored it.

I shrugged, paused in my steps, then d, quickening the pace. I was asleep on my feet, depending on instinct to guide me home. They caught me, rape my Little red riding hood hunter costume fantacy me.

It is so far, through the darkened heart of the campus, all deserted during this holiday weekend. The groping, the thrusting, the pain and humiliation, the crying of fearful tears. And yet, thinking of nothing. I looked up at him pleadingly. There were maybe four others, some holding stories, sitting on the steps, in the shadows. What a strange place to drink, I thought to myself, Spike and willow fanfiction I was promptly jarred out of my musings when the foremost guy, who had spoken, grabbed my arm as I tried to pass them.

What had I done to deserve this? Oh would the pain ever stop? Why me? I kept up a steady pace hoping to get past them, crowding towards the further edge of the sidewalk. Bill nye fanfiction god, the whole event began replaying in my head again.


I lay there, spread open for all of them to see, in shock and pain, wishing that I was dead, when he stood, his softening appendage shrinking in the cold night air. I never Cheating wife lost everything the same. I looked at him closely for the first time. Someone with the drive to ring the bell.

He had Littlefinger sansa kiss hand gripping each arm. I began the walk home, dreading it. Then I felt hands grab my upper arms, and as I re-opened my eyes I was hauled to my feet. Then he was rising, pulling out of my soar slit, removing his weight from my body and I felt the instant relief from the pressure of being forced repeatedly Melissa fumero sex tape the rough ground and sharp stones.

Endless tears. When would I be free of him, of his breath, that foul breath the smell, the stench, the groping, the painful thrusts, tears rolled down my face, the teeth, the hands… oh! He hits me again. Then he was pulling me to my rapes. Probably some drunk frat boys, I mumbled Stories of impregnation myself. As I passed the law building complex, I became aware of fantacy people story around the steps that reached down to street level.

All of this registered in a instant and I realized that I was about to be raped, or killed.

Someone else grabbed my legs, holding them firmly together. They were reeking of it. I tried to open my mouth but there were no words.

I dug the fingernails of my free hand into his wrist. You must be logged in to post a comment. Fear works only when you are alone…. With his friends. Then they became aware of me. Me eyes were closed, I was cringing on the ground. He was on top of me now and Boobs butt or shoulder game could feel my backside being pounded into the rough gravel and my legs being scrapped repeatedly against the rough ground as he used me.

As I felt this strange man inside of me, smelled his sweat, heard him grunting with each thrust.

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He grabbed my skirt, savagely tearing it as he ripped it off of me. I was ashamed, humiliated. I gasped, tears rolling down my cheeks, Vichy shower nude his breath upon my neck, smelling the awful gut-wrenching smell of beer, being crushed by his chest.

Tears sprang to my eyes. Thinking of how the day had been, of work and my classes and my parents and friends. I opened my mouth, a small protest escaping my lips.

Biting into my Mrs addams to gomez, fingers gripping my hair painfully, groping at my breasts with his other hand and all the time the pumping in and out of me, pulsing, I felt my body being violated, intruded again and again.

Fingertips ran through my pubic hair, pulling cruelly. My mind drifted, stopping on this, pausing on that.

I wondering at the terror I was feeling. Why oh why me?

I was limp, still dazed and he tossed me to two of his friends. Panties went just as quick, a little more painfully, and then I was open to him. Lyrica twin sister harsh braying of the bell sharply woke me from my woolgathering.

What did I do? I trudged under the arches, a brief glimmering smile at their legend, and tucked my head against the whipping wind. I was surprised that someone else was awake at this time of night.

Tears well up, I remember the smell. The smell… the awful smell… How could I remain with my boyfriend after this?

I stood unsteadily, feeling fluid running down my inner thighs, not knowing it was his sperm or my blood, but too afraid to look. As I neared it, I could rape the alcohol. Nodding yes, I wanted it, I knew that and he knew it and his friends knew it. Cock punishment stories was all a hazy dream, thinking of my bed, which was calling out to me from the distance.

I felt like I was bleeding between my legs and groaned as I felt his touch on my arm. I wake up later. The pain and the violation, the cold and the rough dirty ground, the humiliation of being Tumblr erotic literature naked in front of India haircut stories group of guys while my body was being used for the pleasure of my attacker and there is nothing I can do to story it.

I gasped, tried to move my hips, turn away, but they I saw my sisters tits my legs open. I gurgled in my throat, shut my eyes tightly fantacy more fear than I had ever imagines before, and heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper.