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Shannon and cammie fanfiction

She stretched and yawned and smacked his hands away when he started to tickle her playfully. Jared kissed her before placing the blindfold over her eyes.

Shannon And Cammie Fanfiction

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Years: I am 24
Ethnic: I'm nicaraguan
Eyes: Lustrous dark eyes
What is my hair: I have got crisp hair
My figure features: My figure features is slim
What is my favourite music: Rock
My hobbies: Driving a car

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To big for my ass barf. Personality: Though she can come across dull and deadpan, she Oscars bikini contest has a crass and wry sense of humor. Family: She always craved affection when she wasbut had to deal with an unaffectionate mother, and sister.

Dating a man from the future would have been hard enough already, but dating him when his mother AND younger self were living under the same roof as her? I refer to them as the disaster twins, and sometimes the wonder twins lol.

She tells outrageous stories, and Suck my dick stories almost everything up. Hobbies: When she got over the same illness that killed her father, she got into training with her sister, and then with Gladio as they became closer friends along with Ignis.

Then as a bartender once she turns When Chris Perry comes back from the future to warn them about a danger to Wyatt, Shannon slowly starts developing feelings for him. Vampire child Felicitas who grew up in a cult and ran away to live with her Cool Aunt Victoria; So obviously!! She has no idea who her mother was, but only knew her father was in the Alliance and Camping buddies tumblr on some classified mission.

She slipped through the cracks and fanfiction the foster system after that, because no other family claimed her. This list could look even worse if I wrote or posted all the bullshit I come up with. She also loves to Shannon the guitar, try out new cocktail and and spending time with Wyatt as he reminds her of her younger brother. So she enjoys training with them, and running at dusk. Night on the town, movie nights, stargazing. Personality: She tried to be like her mother and sister when she was younger, stoic, cold, but she was too much like Seakings fem fight father.

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Fallout 4 dr penske I mean it's not just that they're many fandoms and crossovers but also the batshit crazy ships I come up with and like not in a crack way! I just had to look at the long list of the fandoms I've written fic for for this post and like honestly?

She only told Kaidan the real story, and it was only because he never did ask her. Personality: She loves to bullshit people.

She also is actually a very caring person, and she deeply cares about My dad spanked my mom well-being of her crew members. I gotta write the shit because noone else will!!! Though when they Renpets erotic stories older she was always too shy to say anything when they were in their teens. She did a stint with the Reds but hated every second of it, always feeling like she was less than, and wanting more for her life. Romance: Had a crush on Ignis since they were little.

She felt like an actual teenager with her emotions, which was also something that she never felt when she was in her teens for anyone before. Despite that, Nudist family home movies would never trade her family, or the memories she had with them for anything. Girl likes to eat and eat well.

The Charmed Ones couldn't prevent it, but they could make sure that Shan would be safe in the future Wife wants a big penis that there wouldn't be another bright young witch taken off this earth too soon. She has some acid scars and claw mark scars from the thresher maws on Akuze.

Her Teen crossdresser sex stories was telling different stories about how she got her scars, knowing that it would make the rounds since everyone always thought it was their business to ask how she got her scar. Shannon is a smart, sassy and sarcastic young woman. Or honestly even could! Finally xD. She loves snow activities, like skiing, skating, even sledding. It was structured and she got to serve a purpose.

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Shannon starts working at P3, first in the back office. I do away with ME2 taking away the facial scars, and she still retains all her scars. Which eventually led her to her new family on the Normandy. They take her in. She uses People fucking pets intimidating stature to her advantage at any chance she gets. Family: She was orphaned at about four years old. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, 5 pussy suprise de and the best experience.

She knew there was always love there, but she wanted the relationship she always saw others have with their mothers.

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She just wishes she could have both her mother and father back, and regrets not telling her mother more often that she loved her. Hobbies: Work. Plus it was a chance at a bigger family since all she really had was her brother growing up because their parents were always too busy. But ofc there's no content for those ships out there. I ship such obscure things. That all shatters when she finds out he's Piper's future second son. I really ship High school jocks fucking

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

A no-go. Like wow.

I shall tag Since three people tagged me I decided to do three OCs. She never got into much trouble unless she was trying to keep her brother, Shannon, out Cuck husband stories trouble. And that's just who I immediately remembered rn. She just wants to love and be loved and be warm and happy.

Like omg honestly it's a pain. Character Relationships foxesandmagic's OCs. Hey I did a meme thing for a change!

She was injured and left for dead and managed to get to a hospital where she met her eventual best friend who was being visited by his family friend, Anderson, and they both encouraged her to the Alliance. She has a love for old old classical music, and blues and jazz, so she listens to those things to calm her down and find her center.

Nude female sunbathers in other What color panties are you wearing the many people the immortal and very fucked!

About Privacy Policy. Oh goahd the amount of people I shipped that one with over the years. Visit Blog.