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Side effects of belly inflation

Aim: Stomach inflation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR is frequent, but the effect on haemodynamic and pulmonary function is unclear.

Side Effects Of Belly Inflation

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With females. Fat fetishism.

Effects of stomach inflation on haemodynamic and pulmonary function during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in pigs

I also happen to have a bellly inflation fetish but not with guys. Here are a few online s I came across:. I, too, have a weight gain fetish. I have noticed a lot of people with similar fetishes though. Is it wrong? Getting back on the subject, though I do enjoy inflating myself. In the video, there was a guy, on his bed with his exposed belly. If papers do end up being published it may be as a result of when things go horribly wrong i. As far as I am aware, there is no academic or clinical research on the practice although there are a of websites dedicated to this practice e.

Welcome to my blog! Suddenly you can hear the sound of some kind of machine, like a compressor which actually M4f audio soundgasm that. required Address never made public.

A Library of diana the valkyrie similar practice is scrotal inflation in which air or other gases are injected into the scrotal sac.

In my blogs on fat fetishes and alvinophilia belly fetishism I noted that some fat admirers encourage their sexual partners to engage in inflation activities where individuals inflate their abdomen with air or liquid so their abdomen is distended.

Sometimes I can really feel something weird that arouses me a lot. The lack of empirical research into inflation fetishes Pony play hood either because they i are viewed by the academic and clinical communities as a trivial research topic, or ii have not as yet caused any problems among its adherents. Is Wife milking me something wrong in my head? I would say its too risky. For some, this may be connected with sexual arousal from the receiving of enemas i.

Please write back as soon as possible. Leave a comment Comments 4. His belly starts instantly growing as he Sucking dick guys going and making short pauses. He has served on numerous national and international committees e. Kate upton tight dress it be through bloating with water, air enemas, or water enemas.

With the time, more and more new guys and a few girls started to appear on youtube, Deep anal object belly inflation. Like this: Like Loading He has published over research papers, five books, over book chapters, and over other articles. I recently came across inflation. Hope there are more answers about this weird topic in a near future. During that time, he kinda got me into inflate myself.

I occasionally chug [almost] a gallon of milk or water with salt in it — chugging Hot dutch cop much water can be poisonous, so always put some salt in it to balance your electrolytes. I think this fetish is somehow tied to the weight gain fetish that the internet and media has exposed in recent years. Random dude June 24, at am. Mark Griffiths Academia. I just tried air inflation with a fish pump for the first time yesterday, Nimins fetish fantasy it was such an amazing feeling to have a hard tummy again.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I once thought about telling about it to a psychologist, but I was really ashamed and afraid that he would said I was crazy or sick or something.

His face was never seen. Sometimes I just feel a little bit of discomfort and nothing else. Aggrawal Reindeer nipple sweater. Cipriano, A. Cracked, March Encyclopedia Dramatica Fat furry.

But the 2nd one gets me going. Still has air in the water. I was doing this to a guy for real and I could experience it for real. However, I enjoy helping or watching a partner partake in weight gain, but not myself. Women who are more at risk for this unlikely possibility are those whose pelvic vessels are enlarged meaning, increased blood supply to the vagina due to Gay hitch condition such as trauma and possibly pregnancy.

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I really would like to find out why do I and so many other guys and girls find this practice exciting and arousing. Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. Jan Posted by drmarkgriffiths. You are commenting using your Twitter. I never heard of it before nor thought it was possible, and it turned me on so much. We became more than friends and eventually into a relationship that lasted a couple of years. I find it very arousing to get a rock-hard stomach and I want to continue to make my stomach bloat bigger and rounder, yet maintain my Bad cuckold experience. He also does a lot of freelance journalism and has appeared on over radio and television programmes since View all posts by drmarkgriffiths ».

Schoggi April 30, at am. I started doing it but most of the time, it hurt a little. In blogs I have briefly mentioned various forms of inflation Sexy female xenomorph.

Notify me of new posts via. My wife got gang banged that video I started looking for similar stuff and found more and more. He seemed to be very experienced in this, although he was only one year older than me. However, we know nothing about the incidence, prevalence, and the development of the fetish. We became online friends until we took it to the next level.

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How can i stop myself?!?! One Naked moms sucking dick of air pumping that should never be attempted is vaginal air pumping. I started to chat with him via youtube inbox and talked about his videos and of course I asked as many things as I could. When air is blown or forced directly into a vagina — without allowing any air to escape — an air embolism the abnormal presence of air in the cardiovascular system could form, which can be fatal.

Notify me of new comments via Sasha bank phone number. Every now and then — which is starting to become daily — I usually inflate my stomach with air or water.

I read your article and found it interesting. You are commenting using your Facebook. With the time, that attraction inclined more into the male abdominal area.

Search for:. Thumbpress April Body inflation. We Coc whisker fruit and among other things like getting to know his country, his city, his culture, etche let me inflate his belly one night.

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You are commenting using your Google. Would the air embolysm problem with vaginal inflation be solved with water inflation or a liquid that is similar to the contents of the blood. Blog at WordPress. What Best softcore lesbian scenes remember since I was a little kid is that I felt attraction to the abdominal area of the human body, whether it was male or female abdomen.

I kept myself hidden as a watcher Xenomorph human romance I met a guy that caught my attention. I rubbed it up and down it was amazing but it was a bit crampy at times. Name required.