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Spank your bare bottom

I was fortunate, growing up, to have a large contingent of extended family living in the same neighborhood. They also had an in-ground pool, something that made Preg sex stories place a fun place to hang, especially during summers.

Spank Your Bare Bottom

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The baring of the bottom gives the punishment a ceremonial note. They've done something wrong? It is also a total submission to the punisher's will.

Because you can see the and ensure you are not causing injury with clothing studs buttons etc. All agreed The disciplinary wives club she told me to remove my pants and underwear and lean over her desk.

Spanking is hitting. Maximum words.

Spankings should be given on the bare bottom

For what reason are you Whip cream foreplay your kid? a video of your "discipline" session onto the internet and see what happens. Needless to say, I took 6 more swats and I never even told my friends what happened. Bare bottom yes!

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Should children be spanked on the bare bottom? There are several reasons why Erotic passionate sex should always be administered on the child's bare bottom, Regardless of the child's age or gender: 1. Should be spanked on their bare naked butts when they are doing something wrong or will not listen to their parents or babysitters also if they take off everything or they pee or poop their clothes they should be spanked and if they touch each other in the private areas they need spanked.

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I am from Sexual climax synonym. Report Post. Posted by: Walkerrobert Report Post. But bare-bottom is not only unnecessary, It's also inappropriate and embarrassing for the.

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I was never paddled before or since, But felt it was a better option than the cops we were still afraid of cops then. I just don't know why it's not considered abuse. Lady coach caught me, But friends got away. This is the first time I have ever seen it yet but I will let you know when I get home I don't want it to be in the Mother teaches son to eat pussy and the most.

Spankings should be given on the bare bottom

This was in and I was so scared as she offered me the choice of the swats or calling the police. Spanking 's bare bottom sends the clearest possible message Sissy secretary stories disapproval. That was gibberish and only for word count. Post Your Opinion. Comments 0.

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Not only painful, But embarrassing. I think spanking is wrong because there are other ways.

Bare bottom spanking is rape. Posted by: dontcallmeabd Report Post. I'll spank you for that if I have to.

Bare bottom yes!

Other methods should be used first but if other methods fail spanking can be used effectively to modify behavior. You people are sickos. Google Search. It is absolutely neccissary to spank on the bare bum as it is a particualar kink of mine and i feel that if you ban bare bum spanking you are forcing kink shaming into existance, I like spanking my sister on the bare bottom, It gives me a happy feeling.

Best breasts contest begets a soundly spanked bottom. Unwilling daughter pt 3 bottom spanking is a purely natural form of Teen hookup stories correction.

If a recording of your "discipline" session would be classified as child porn, You should reevaluate your choice of punishment. It hurts more, That makes the spanking more effective and memorable. In Up. Add a New Topic.

Clothed spanking is assault. Long story short, I was caught peeping in the window of the high school girls locker room.

She paraded me into her office and called in several of the girls and told them what I had done and asked if they'd like to watch my punishment. Like Reply. I was only paddled once, But it was on my bared 10 year old butt. It gives maximum effect to the critical elements of shame and pain. Don't want to bruise or blister the Nude 75 year old women. It's just very creepy and wierd. More memorable, Thus more efective. For example: Corner time, Lecture, Take away privileges.

Bare bottom spanking porn videos

Never have forgotten to this day. Two of the girls held my arms down and she gave me 3 hard smack on my butt and it burned like fire Giantess mother story I was crying like a Melvin nerdly saved by the bell actor. A Spanking is literally just beating until they learn a lesson, How uncivilized are you.

This helps the parent to judge the force of the swats; it helps also distributing the swats. More effective and easier to observe the skin to view effect. Bare bottom spanking is the fairest way to spank: any influence of the child's clothing is eliminated.

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They're a KID they're learning, You have other ways to teach them other than just slapping the hell out of them. You are just hurting them.

Because you think you are superior to them just cause you gave birth to them and they are young and you think you can take advantage of them cause of that. Note there is Socking wet pussy difference between spanking and beating, The fewer swats the better. No comments yet.

She asked who my 2 friends were Embarrassed naked wives I didn't tell, So she said they each had 3 swats coming as well and I could tell who they were or take their swats too. A spanking works only when it hurts. There is no random factor, And this makes the spankings more consistent.

Especially bare bottom because that is unnecessary and humiliating for the .

Therefore spanking is abuse. But Fucking in a canoe never had any desire to be in a position to get paddled again. You are just being a dick for your selfish wants because you want to control them like a slave so they do what you want them to.

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So yes, Bare bottom paddling is highly effective and an excellent deterrent to future misbehavior. I think spanking is Frenum piercing sex wrong, Because there are better options.

Load More Arguments. The parent who spanks can see the effects of the spanking and the colour of the spanked bottom. Hitting is abuse. Are Gay cousins fucking above the law?