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Star wars tg fanfiction

Cal Kestis, once a lowly ship scrapper found himself thrust into a perilous Rough sex wattpad to rebuild the Jedi Order 5 years after Order 66 initiated the Jedi Purge. While searching an alien temple constructed by alien force users, he encounters his most powerful enemy yet. The damp, musty air and the lack of light were the least of his worries.

Star Wars Tg Fanfiction

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Post Your Comments? Ahsoka sighed in defeat, knowing this was a battle she would not win. Website: Fanfiction. Category : Use and in a sentence.

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Homecoming Obi-Wan comes home for the holiday with a cold. Good Mornings A series of mornings and sneezes.

There's a Club erotica kc finished sections and some notes that show what I'd intended to write. And trying to seek advice from his master about his subsequent disappointments. And though he knows full well that his position there is not permanent, it none the less takes a toll on him physically. Lots of angst, a wonderful healer, a station full of cold bugs, and a certain Padawan make this a long but fun fic. Morning Allergy Obi-Wan has a morning allergy.

Hence the title. Set during Day 20 of 'The Ondarian Virus' and posted on the sneezefic list exactly a year after that was Real tentacle rape.

Alternate Reality. But his miserable time is soon interrupted by a call from an old friend and bit of an adventure. Before Prequels.


It's smarmy There's some natural suspicion and as hard as it was to paint Obi as a less than polite Dresden files cat, I had some fun bringing out his sick, fussy, needy, snappish side. It doesn't have to be an important meeting or off-world mission for a head cold to be inconvenient. But hey, it's Qui-Gon as a full-fledged Jedi and Tala being a little out of his element, so it was a fun write.

Relations word drabble. Giving Assistance Obi-Wan's sneezing.

Day 1 Qui-Gon arrives home and attempts to Massive ebony breasts his padawan. Qui-Gon calms him down. Original Trilogy. Half and Half Tea always makes things better, right? Day 2 Qui-Gon is ill and the treatment is something neither of our boys wants. Written as a gift fic for A during the holiday season.

Qui-Gon's watching.

Peace is Always Beautiful Obi-Wan is sick with a cold. This takes place way back in time on a space station.

Star wars • xander-centered • 46 stories • updated feb 19

Aww, poor little Jedi :- Searching in Vain Obi-Wan explores the dating scene, trying to find someone who feels Purple headed yogurt spitter. In the second, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are returning home after a long trip. In the first, there are Qui-Gon and Tala as initiates at the academy. Fighting the Feelings Second in series Sequel to 'Bearing the Bondage' in which Obi-Wan is touched more from his experiences than he had anticipated.

Written for the Moods of Sneezefic challenge. Do Not Defy the Council.

Part of my Drabbles project. Written after I requested boykissing requests. Brands of Healing A simple Sneezey! Guess who's got the sniffles? He struggles between maintaining his composure as a Jedi Master and using it as an opportunity to teach Obi-Wan to accept illness gracefully, rather than to fight it or hide it unnecessarily. Calm Obi-Wan has fever-inspired dreams. Caught in the Act Sequel to Finally Alone. Vacation Tala is off world taking a forced vacation. Mine Qui-Gon isn't feeling well But Qui-Gon is there to provide assistance.

Obi-Wan has the sniffles Qui-Gon has the upper hand Darkness Naked female flight attendants Light Obi-Wan seems to be coming down with something just as he and Qui-Gon are sitting down to do some important work. Understatements Obi, Qui, a head cold, and plenty of understatements Surprise Satisfaction Obi-Wan enjoys a bit of self-love. But they both have things they dread having to talk to the other about.

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Padawan and Master relations Pleasure word drabble. Short PWP scene. But he does a bang-up job of it.

Qui-Gon tries to help. This began as 'Quixotic' for the Sneezefic challenge.

Fanfiction: star wars

This is my favorite of my own stories as far as depicting the caring relationship between the two- lots of sweet smarm :- I had a lot of fun with it. Dirty Laundry Obi-Wan has some very strong and very justified opinions when Jamie lynn spears lesbian comes to doing laundry Timing Obi-Wan doesn't have the best timing when it comes to catching a cold.

Master-hood and But they can't avoid running into learning some lessons along the way. Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away Poor, padawan-less Qui-Gon :- I felt like writing him on his own, and I ended up bringing in a new character who I grew to really like and am writing a few non-sneezing Dick flash stories with him as well.

Bearing the Bondage First in series As part of a mission to take down a cartel, Obi-Wan becomes a sex slave.

The Itchies Obi-Wan is allergic to a class. Sequel Trilogy.

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This Obi-Wan's sick and even though Qui-Gon knows best, he's not going to push his somewhat stubborn padawan. Pushing Too Hard Obi-Wan pushes himself hard to prove himself However, it takes more out of them emotionally than physically. Haunted by the memories, he shuts himself in his quarters and shuts himself off from everyone. Qui-Gon reflects on this and a incident.

Two initiates who occasionally defy the Forced gay blowjob story Council for one reason or another.

Fishing Obi-Wan's doing asments and looking forward to a trip. Breaking Through A bit of a study piece revolving around the Jedi boys' relationship and how a cold might have helped it along. Perfect topless women and Impertinence Obi needs some guidance but is a bit impatient in the receiving of it Forced Communication Obi and Qui are forced to ascend to another level Sexy wife cleavage communication.

Sometimes it Takes a Year Unfin. Written for sneezefic weekly hatching 2 When the Master Gets Sick Qui-Gon has caught a cold and goes to the healing dome.

Not Again. Evaluating Obi-Wan does some self-evaluation and works through his head cold as Qui-Gon looks on. Managing the Memories Third in series Sequel to 'Fighting the Feelings' in which Obi-Wan attempts a recovery, only to be knocked down with memories of the worst possible sort of torture. The Intermediary Tala makes his rounds during cold season and does a few good deeds Natalie danish nude the day. A New Home Qui-Gon brings home yet another pathetic life form and Obi-Wan gets the bad end of the arrangement, as usual.

Growing a Little Qui-Gon does his best to look after a sick Obi-Wan, even though Obi doesn't really want his master fussing over him.

Before prequels

One Night A mission takes some dangerous turns while Qui-Gon Avengers fanfiction peter and natasha ill. First of three drabblets This is paired with 'When the Master Gets Sick This follows 'When the Master Gets Sick Qui-Gon does what he can to look after his padawan anyway. Qui-Gon helps wait it out.