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Vehicle virgins dad

He is immediately called out by Alex Roy. It is hilarious. Mind you, Nirenstein just posted Forced sissy husband stories video from a track day a couple months ago where he appears to be in one of the instructed groups for novice drivers, given the lead-follow laps done to familiarize everyone with the line of the track at the start.

Vehicle Virgins Dad

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Popular car YouTubers Parker Nirenstrein, Alex Choi and Damon Fryer have sparked a huge bust-up on social media, with legal proceedings potentially underway for serious accusations made in the public domain. All three YouTubers produce regular supercar content for their audiences.

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Lol that sounds like guy from Big Bang. What did he say?

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More posts from the VehicleVirgins community. I can Bates motel final checkout hope the people around him love him enough to get him some help. I just can't stand what this dude has turned into.

Yes that is very bad but we also don't need to be seeing that type of business between his family.

I really hope that he looses all his money so he can become good person again. Found the internet! No wonder he Dirty babysitter stories keep good relationships, he is a psychopath. Impaired empathy?

Learn from mistakes and keep looking to improve your channel. I do not think he is psychopath.

He literally has every psychopathic trait. Reply Share.

Narcissistic baby if there is something like that. Yesterday I also think he went against Ro and mo challenges new other friends that was in the videos while he was hanging with Malcolm Van Halen sister fucker. Everyone else is still making content and moving on and he is digging himself a deeper and deeper hole.

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He just said how his dad is a pos basically and degrades women. Hubris comes to mind and he will need to hit bottom before he gets better. He said I love you to his dad a few weeks ago. If your going to set Hot women creampie world on fire to start over, you better throw gasoline on everything you want to burn.

Now he hates him. I'm sorry Parker is pathetic, I'm unfollowing him on everything for a while.

Wait, that dude with the GT2 porked Porkers sister? Posted by 2 years ago.

Sort by: best. Created Jul 25, Top posts march 3rd Top posts Read penthouse forum march, Top posts Back to Top. He needs medical attention asap because this is not normal behavior under any circumstances.

Leave that offline dude. I unfollowed him after he had a weird obsession with the dude banging his sister.

Not crazy my mom had me tested. But not jeans, those got destroyed during the golf cart incident.

With the best genes. This went from sad to hilarious.

He is literally calling out his dad again. I get he may have been the nice guy to too many people but these rants have gone on for literally weeks now. I am on Frenum piercing sex leave and while my baby sleeps I really enjoy this breakdown.