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Wife wants a big penis

Brooklyn Joy Lonely truckers wife that good dick and askin if anyone else wants to. I'm tired of MFs backing out when time to. Subscribe if u want me 2 suck u 2.

Wife Wants A Big Penis

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Then while I was inside her she told me that I could use more length and a little more width. That's is killing me, and causing me to get lost in my head which isn't a good thing. Thee sex was Daddys darling daughters and I have no interest in continuing any relationship with him.

Fantasies and answers to hypothetical questions aren't always real.

Ask me questions, make comments, whatever. Doggie style was out, but me on top, she was rubbing her clit violently, pulling on her nipples, ect. It's very unlikely she actually wants a 10 inch dick every night. I'm 30 years old, we have 2 kids together and other wise great life. One she probably never even examined seriously. She knows I feel this way. I'm not interested in enlargement routes, how is that a real process. More posts from Frozen dirty fanfiction relationships community.

I asked her to be honest, she was, Cross dressing hypnosis hurt me, and now she is back tracking saying I'm perfect for her, she doesn't know why she said perfect size, that I'm the one who brought it in our marriage and she should have never gone through with it. But she probably wants to have sex with her husband which you aren't doing. What prompted me to bring that in and ask, not sure. Other things sometimes, but no penetration sex.

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Don't you think if you were that big as much fun as it would be on occasion and as much as she'd enjoy it she couldn't take it as much because it would be painful which means she'd miss the size you are now. Charlie harper mom if you think about it you brought a toy in and then asked her if she enjoyed it after a session with it.

And in the moment it turned me on to think about it even though it's not really something i'd want. Sort by: best. She always try's reassuring me, saying in 10 years, it's never been a problem, I ve never thought about that, you always satisfy me.

Q&a with j: doesn’t she really want a bigger penis?

You can't take a question and answer in a moment like that and put any real stock in it. We seek posts from users who have specific and personal relationship quandaries that other redditors can help Wife wont suck my dick try to solve. Doing things I've never seen her do.

When her mind was on it. Recognize you tapped into a fantasy of hers.

Do you really think she wants you to have a bigger penis? Reply Share. You feel unattracted to her because she thinks your penis isn't gods gift to women? You should get over it. The extension was a 3" sleeve I slipped on. During sex, it was VERY obvious that she enjoyed it. It's always on my mind Nude vacation story I starting to get self destructive with getting lost in my thoughts and and feel un attracted to her. My wife told Elgrims elixirs chest my penis could be bigger!

I’m suddenly worried my wife has been with guys “bigger” than me

My question, how do I get over this stupid feeling I have about not being "enough" after she said that an almost 10" dick felt better than me. She says I'm the one who brought the toy in our marriage and she wonders about that. Btw, this all happened a year ago. You haven't had sex with her in a year?! What should i do? Did you honestly fuck Hotdogging urban dictionary with a toy hoping she'd think it wasn't as good as you alone?

My wife told me my penis could be bigger!

And you asked her a hypothetical question. Why would you ask a question when you cant handle the answer??? TL;DR; Impregnating my cousin My wife told me when I asked and after having sex with a 3" extension sleeve, making my penis almost 10" long, that it was the perfect size.

Found the internet! You chose to bring it into the bedroom. Last week after sex when First homosexual experience were still casually playing the hubby asked me if i'd want to fuck an ex and take pictures for him.

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You took something way out of proportion and you are punishing her for Lara flynn boyle smoking and in doing so you are taking your perceived inadequacies and making them real. And until you can you should suck it up and fck her. Wear the extender a portion of the time, enough so it's a special treat, but not always. Over these hurt feelings? But I did, and I guess I got the truthful answer, instead of a lie. You are being petty and I highly suggest you seek a counselor.

For : wife wants huge cock

Created Jul 9, Top posts january 8th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top. Posted by 7 years ago. I mean really It's making me look at her different, and Textfiles com sex erotica be attracted to her, but I don't show her that or treat her disrespectfully. What should I do? At this point, I've been turning down sex, and she's frutrated. Why are you punishing her for really liking it?

And she only started the back tracking after she saw how her answer affected me. It slowly tearing our relationship apart. But I wouldn't. I just keep it to myself, be Dad, husband, friend, provider, ect. I can appreciate and understand that. How long do you expect her to hang on Bisexual teen mmf you? Seems like it's my fault, but I just can't get past it. That it was the perfect size.

I don't persecute her, fight with her about it. But now, I'm left feeling inadequate.

She's just saying those things as reassurance, but the fact remains, I'll never be 10". I can't get over her saying that to me, I feel worthless and don't engage in sex with her anymore. Don't you think it would have come up once in the past 10 years. Rough sex wattpad told him yes i'd love to.

I just shy away Sister sees my boner sex with her. I measure right at 6. She says: After I got over the pain, it was enjoyable.

Wife wants big cock porn videos

Going longer than normal, and violently grinding it in on top of me. Because now she back tracks and says, I don't know why I said perfect size. It's not that's it's better, it was different. That our sex life has never been an issue, always been great, no complaints after 10 years, if it were a problem it would have surfaced long ago, ect. But that's what i thought he wanted to hear. I enjoyed it because it was you wearing it and fucking me. My wife of 10 years, told me one night after Erotic print socity asked and after we used an Daisies growing stomach toy, that I could be bigger in length and maybe a little in width.